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NEWS: September 2023

Recent work on the website :

August 12 - Dozens of additions and corrections throughout the Merchandise section. All prices converted to silver for easy comparison. Prices adjusted to be more inline with historical data.

August 10 - Wages page updated in the Merchandise section.

August 9 - City titles added to all remaining cities, including: Garrison, Grimstone, Penketh, Ithell, Vogue, River Gate, Salhanrasha, Qazadeen

August 6 - Numerous adjustments to prices throughout the Merchandise section. Also, many prices have been adjusted to silver with more to come. Prices are being adjusted to reflect actual historical prices and coinage of the 13th century.

July 27 - More city title banners updated.

July 23 - City title banners for multiple cities upgraded and made to match national heraldry.

July 18 - Magrakian Coat of Arms adjusted. Also, several small adjustments made to city populations.


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