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NEWS: November 2018

Recent additions include:

September 26 - Hyperlinks have been added to the 5k, 10k and 20k sizes of the new map.

September 23 -Most changes and new elements introduced with the new version of the map have been added to the website. The remaining issues (such as the cities of Penketh and Grimstone) will be detailed in the future in their own spotlights.

August 25 - Various geographic elements add to the website due to the new map. These include the Hirilaak Highlands, the Yiradi Mountains, the Illraxis Forest, several rivers and more.

August 12 - An updated version of the Khoras world map is now online.

August 7 - A dynamic, interactive version of the new world map is online. In the Maps section. This interactive map is a work in progress. Currently it's limited to 10,000 pixels width, but I'm working on getting that up to 20K resolution.

August 3 - A new version of the Khoras world map has been uploaded to the Maps section.

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