"Life is only as good as the stories we tell."
-Bardun Leyans of the Grand Wood, Herbalist


The Tales section of Khoras is a unique corner of the site, where the World of Khoras serves as a backdrop for works of fiction, poetry, and even film. We include these works to help stir your imagination, and possibly even provide some inspiration for your role playing campaigns.

So gather round the fire, lend us your ear and listen to the many Tales of Khoras...

Poetry and Song

The Pirate Song

A popular tavern house song in port towns in southern Ithria.

The Robber's Life

A popular song sung in taverns across the north, from Normidia to Rukemia.

Prophecy and Cryptic Verse

The Prophecy of the Marked Ones
A prophecy from the ancient past that speaks of great magicks and mighty battles.

The Ring of Flame
A cryptic snatch of rhyme coughed up by a divination spell about a magical ring.

The Shrine of Lost Souls
A cryptic response spat up by the spirit world in response to a necromancer's questions about the Shrine of Lost Souls.

The Prophecy of the Ugita's Voyage
Another cryptic response whispered from the spirit world to a priest in meditation to questions about a future sea voyage.

Ulhuru's Chest of Manifold Dimensions
Yet another cryptic response whispered from the spirit world. This time about the origins and nature of an enchanted chest.


Callister Draabyn

The first short story featuring the notorious Callister Draabyn wherein the ship Third Wind arrives in the port of Drakkel only to find itself emboiled in a tug of war between through city groups. (11 pgs)

The Offering

The second short story featuring Callister Draabyn. This story features a detailed look at the city of Freeport and the Sea Festival. (44 pgs)

The Jewel of the Wild Sea

A story of kidnappings, daring rescues, hidden treasures, secret codes and guild wars in the city of Drakkel. This story showcases many places in Drakkel, including the Bazaar, Hell's Market, the Harrow Court, various taverns and guild houses and the Great Arena. This is the third Callister Draabyn story. A warning: this one is rather long. It started out as a short story, but ended up being a short novel. (155 pgs)

Activating the Gem

A warrior retires from adventuring and leaves this world. Inspired by the painting "Activating the Gem" by Mark Price. (3 pgs) This one is an old story, written back in 1993.

The Quarry

A wizard battling a beast of stone seeks answers from an ancient master. This story was original written as a submission for the "The Ecology of" series in Dragon magazine. Alas, it was not selected. But it's still a fun little piece. (10 pgs). This one was also written back in 1993, long before the website came into being. Some of the geographic names may not mesh with the current website. It was written before all of the current Khoras nations were finalized.

Works of Film

Professional Courtesy - A Film by Mark Price
An ambitious young thief engages in a battle of wits with a rival.


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