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This section will be a repository for all of the miscellaneous bits of data that don't fit in anywhere else on the site. In general, this is going to be a fun collection of interesting tidbits.

Common Tavern Rumors and Gossip

The Asylum prison is being used as the headquarters for a large organized crime cartel. A massive complex of catacombs stretch to unknown depths beneath.

High up in the Northern Tusks there is an enchanted lake. If you swim down to the bottom of this lake, you will find a large stone structure. If you touch the structure and then swim to the surface, you will find that you are in a different lake on the other side of the world.

In the wild lands outside of Normidia, there lives a torgat unlike any other. His coat of shining scales are black and glossy. He is the largest of all torgats and by far, the smartest. He has killed hundreds of would-be hunters. He has a lair, but no one can find it.

The Emperor of Rukemia is possessed by a powerful demon. Variations of this rumor state that the Emperor is actually an imposter, a morphian agent of an enemy state and that the true emperor was kidnapped and taken far away.

There really is a kraken. In fact, there is more than one...

A massive assault is being prepared against the Garrison. Soon, hordes from the Coalition will descend from the mountains and wipe out that solitary fortress.

The Seven Greatest Architectural Wonders of Ithria

The Most Powerful Wizards of the Realms

"The Desert Mage". A powerful, but reclusive, wizard who dwells in a great tower in a large oasis in the center of the Baen Desert. He is rumored to be the most powerful mage currently living. However, due to his reclusive nature, he does not involve himself with the politics of the world and because of his remote lair, few have ever met him.

The High Priest of the Draxorith and (some say) son of that dread demon lord. The highest ranking religious figure in Duthelm who also holds a great deal of sway in political and military matters.

A reclusive and independent Coalition sorcerer. He is not a member of the ruling council or representative of any group. However, he often attends court at the council and apparently wields a great deal of political power. His position is not clear to those outside of Tyrrenkor. Caeqor has an air of mystery about him. He always wears a deep hooded cloak that completely conceals his face and hands. Precious few have ever seen his face. Rumors hint that Caeqor is a not-human nor would anyone wish to look upon his face for within the depths of that cowl is a hideous visage of death. Caeqor dwells within a tower on a bluff overlooking the city of Tyrrenkor.

A female half-orc who is something of a prodigy. Renowned for her intellect and magical prowess. Varlos is the current leader of the Black Sorcerers in the Citadel, Duthelm.

Setra Bejai
The current reigning Arch Magus of the Rukemian Empire and highest ranking magical authority in the Empire.

The previous Arch Magus of the Rukemian Empire who now lives in the town of Bollus on the eastern coast.

Sincro Fashad
The most powerful wizard in the free city of Ithell. He is also the administrator of the Ithellian College of Magic and Science.

Shegrotha of the Trackless Mire
A Corvenian "witch" of sorts who lives alone deep in the heart of the swamp. It is said that she speaks with all the animals and plants of her realm and knows the "mind" of the wetlands. 

The Six Wealthiest People of All the Lands

The Emperor of Rukemia
Arguably the wealthiest person on the planet as he commands the riches of an entire empire. His own personal wealth is easily in excess of 1,000,000 gold Rukemian drokmire.

Lord Alred Tenny
Lord Tenny is the guild master of House Tenney of the Drakkellian Alliance. He is most likely, the wealthiest independent businessman in all the realms. 

Chodias Haledin
Independent art dealer of Vogue

Pon Molthir
An independently wealthy and rather eccentric elven scholar who lives in the free city of Ithell. He is a collector of rare antiquities, exotic curios and fine art. He travels extensively and enjoys nothing more than a good story of faraway lands.

Hoag Warner
A Vorrikan arms dealer, business leader and guild master. He lives and works in a large stone manor in the city of Aerith. His business involves a number of cargo ships that transport goods about the Captured Sea.

Ar'tek-kin Vusi Pron
Master Jeweler of Avar. Lives in Piramus.

The Most Wanted Criminals of the Rukemian Empire

A half grum thief wanted by the imperial authorities for numerous accounts of trespassing, burglary and other crimes against the state but most particularly for kidnapping the Emperor's pet cat for three days which resulted in the largest man hunt in Rukemian history. The emperor personally offered 50,000 gold drokmire for the capture of this notorious outlaw. The cat has since been returned safely to the palace, but this outlaw remains free. Imperial troopers are still searching for him.

Rabulius Toth
A pirate of ill-repute who hijacked an imperial galleon from the port of Aridorn (with a small band of buccaneers) and forced the Rukemian crew to sail to deep ocean in "search of the great Kraken". The ship was run aground on an atoll and, according to reports, Rabulius put the Rukemian crew to the knife. He is wanted by imperial authorities for the following crimes: theft of imperial property, murder of imperial servants, destruction of imperial property, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and exceeding port speed.

Tobin Pelanth
Thief who specializes in stealing oil paintings, sculptures and other works of arts from imperial nobles. Many of this pieces find their way to Vogue and Ithell. Tobin has almost been caught on several occasions and the authorities of Rukemia are greatly frustrated by their near-misses.

The Best Torgat Hunting Methods

The Simplest Method
A group of twenty armed with great axes and pole arms simple wander out into the forest (sticking together in one large group) and track the beast. This is the easiest method and requires the least preparation (and is often adopted by hunters who are emboldened by too much drink). However, torgats are very good at evading pursuits by dodging around trees. They excel at it.

The Bait and Net Method
This is not the most sporting method, but it has bagged one or two torgats. It involves securing a weighted net between a cliff and treetops at specific anchor points. You then simply lure the torgat into position with bait, drop the net on him and charge the struggling beast with the standard twenty man team.

The Archer Method
Multiple hunters using long bows firing from a safe perch in the trees using sleep poison tipped arrows. This is followed up by warriors on the ground with long spears.

The Violent Method
At least one team of hunters took out a torgat with a catapult and six barrels of oil. It did work, however, most hunters agree that this was unsporting and also an amazing stroke of luck.


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