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Anarian Sea Turtle

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Aquatic
Frequency Rare
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

These gentle giants are enormous turtles. They have a twelve foot diameter shell. Both the shell and the rubbery skin of the creature are blue (with a white underbelly). An anarian sea turtle typically weighs about four tons. The heavily armored shell protects the sea turtle from predators. They have existed for millions of years. Live to be about 600 years old.


The anarian sea is a non-aggressive creature that relies on its heavily armored shell, great size and powerful flippers to protect itself from larger predators. Anarian sea turtles are remarkably resistant to spells and magic. Many directional spells will reflect off of their shell.

The only time an anarian sea turtle will become aggressive is during mating season when males will attack boats as rival turtles. Female turtles will attack if they feel their young are threatened.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The Anarian Sea Turtle is found primarily in the Sea of Anar, but can be found throughout the northern seas and oceans of the world. Anarian sea turtles feed on seaweed, plankton and small fish.

Females lay a clutch of eggs on sandy beaches on the coast of northwestern Aggradar and will defend the eggs from predators until they hatch. Young stay with the female for about a year until their shells have hardened and they have gained sufficient size to survive on their own.


Due to their genetic makeup, these turtles have a remarkably high resistance to the Drellisian radiation. This could make them very valuable to a research into the Drellis effects and aberration in general. They are rare and difficult to find. Some mages believe the sea turtle has ceased evoloving and is perfectly adapted to its environment. They believe it is immuned to natural mutation. The meat of this great sea turtle is very tasty. It is considered a delicacy among Sybrenar nobles and anarian turtle steaks are very expensive in Damogoth.


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