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Black Razor Fin

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Tropical waters
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Swarm
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The Black Razor Fin is a dark green fish with black markings that measures about one foot long. It is easily distinguished by three characteristics: large armored plates along the spine, a tall blade like dorsal fin and an elongated lower jaw.


Many fishermen have lost fingers and even their lives to these fresh water terrors. Black Razor Fins are carnivorous fish that hunt in packs. They have a tendency to swarm wildly at the scent of blood in the water or when agitated by combat. The black razor fin attacks by rapidly swimming past a target and attempting to slash it with the dorsal fin. This fish has been known to leap out of the water to make such attacks.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Black razor fins only inhabit large bodies of fresh water such as rivers and lakes. They are found mainly in the Coalition, the Pirate Isles and the southwestern peninsula, including Myria and Karth. Though difficult to catch, Black Razor Fins are quite tasty. The snow white meat has a mild flavor that many enjoy.


The thick skin of the Black Razor Fin is quite strong and smooth. It is often used to waterproof items. This fish feeds exclusively on smaller river animals.


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