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Climate/Terrain Rivers
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
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Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A dangerous freshwater fish recognizable by a bladelike growth from the upper lip. It looks very much like a smaller cousin of the swordfish, but with a smaller dorsal fin. The dagger fish grows to about eighteen inches in length and sports a dagger "beak" about one third of its total size.


These fish are carnivores and feed by swarming about prey and leaping from the water to impale the victim with their beak. A typical swarm will consist of 20-100 dagger fish and can take down animals as large as an elephant within 30 seconds.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Daggerfish are found in large freshwater rivers in tropical regions. They are found primarily in eastern Qeshir - the Secambru lands, the Aswanar Wildlands, the Sea of Ash region and the Fire Isles. They are occasionally seen in rivers along the souther coast of Aggradar, though less frequently.



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