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Dragon Eel

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Temperate to Tropical Coastline
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

This dreaded predator appears as a massive 30 foot long eel with a saurian shaped, almost dragon like, head. The beast is covered in shimmering slimy green scales. The glossy black eyes betray some intelligence. It's powerful jaws can snap a oar in half easily or bite of a man's arm in the blink of an eye. Men have been killed from a single bite.


The dragon eel attacks with a lightning fast strike from coiled position like a snake. It lays in wait, hiding in the shallow water of the coast, among large rocks, moving and swaying with the surf. It strikes hard and fast, typicaly grabbing a leg or arm and pulling the victim into the water. It then pulls the victim down underwater where the prey cannot struggle and then begins attacking with its powerful jaws. Powerful enough to snap a man in half with one bite.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Dragon eels live in temperate to tropical coastlines. They are most common in the waters between Aggradar and Qeshir, ranging from Eshtar to the Aswanar Wildlands.


The dragon eel is edible and is most commonly hunted and eaten by the alakubu natives of the Fire Isles, the Esthari nd the Magrakians. The dragon eel lays a clutch of eggs that are coated in a protective slime. This egg cluster floats and is abandoned by the parent. Because this egg cluster floats, dragon eels are sometimes encountered as far as Secambru or even Sarid. Though, this is rare. Usually, the egg cluster will come to shore and adhere to rocks. Dragon eel hatchlings fight amongst each other until only one survives. The victor eats its nest mates and then ventures out for other prey.


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