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The aquatic category includes any creature that dwells primarily in the lakes, rivers and oceans of the world. It also includes a host of creatures that dwell primarily on coasts and interact with seafaring ships. Not all creatures in this category are water breathers. 

Name Description
Anarian Sea Turtle A gentle giant of the sea.

Black Razor Fin

An aggressive tropical fish.
Dagger Fish A dangerous freshwater predator.
Dragon Eel A large and terrifying coastal predator.
Dredge Beetle Huge, but non-aggressive harbor bottom feeders.
Emerald Prattle Fish A delicious, but poisonous delicacy.


Large and aggressive variety of sea crab.
Horn Whale A huge relative to the seal which can pose a threat to ships.
Hull Spiders A sometimes dangerous, often useful
Hull Worm The bane of seafaring ships everywhere.


A killer shark resurrected from the past.


Relative of the jellyfish with a horny shell and toxic sting.
Saridian Razor Crab A rare and aggressive species of crab renowned for its crystalline carapace.
Sea Dragon A large aquatic reptilian carnivore.
Sea Spine Devil Massive sea monster  that resembles a spiny segmented centipede.

Sun Fish

A small edible fish with a unique defensive capability.
Torch Fish A blind cave fish with an unfortunate fate.
Wailing Fish A huge carnivore with a loud voice.


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