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Other Names Terror o' the Deep
Climate/Terrain Deep Sea
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

The megalodon appears as a huge grey shark. It is typically 20 meters long and weighs more than 50 tons.It has a white belly and an upper hide that varies from light grey to dark grey at the tips of the fins. The fins are armor plated and end in huge plates of a hard bone-like material.


While the kraken is the most notorious and feared predator of the ocean deep, the true monster of the sea is the megalodon. This horror was engineered with magic during the Great War as a living weapon. It was designed to attack and sink ships. Its huge maw is lined with knife like teeth that are both razor sharp and serrated allowing the animal to bite through ship hulls, wooden planks and bone with ease. Its jaws are wide enough to swallow a large man whole. These beasts are exceptionally dangerous and attack ships in preference to all other prey (this behavior may well have been bred in to the animal by its creators).

One common tactic for this creature is to swim rapidly under a ship and strike the hull with the armored bony tip of its dorsal fin which is often enough to break the keel of a ship or rip a great gouge in the hull.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

It is believed that megalodons inhabit the deep ocean between continents and do not venture near shore. The megalodon is widely blamed for the numerous ships that go missing out in the deep ocean each year. Thankfully though, these creatures are quite rare and very few ships are actually attacked by these behemoths.


According to various historical records, the first generation of megalodons was magically engineered by a Traxxian wizard and the concept for the creature was based on the fossilized remains of a giant prehistoric shark which had been discovered decades earlier. It is unknown how the Traxxian wizards managed to recreate the animal through magic.

These huge animals were used extensively by the Traxx Legion as weapons in naval warfare during the Great War, especially in the southern seas. It was because of these magnificent creatures that the Traxx Legion managed to break the strength of the Thullian Imperial Navy and take control of the seas. However, the Great War was long ago and the Traxx Legion has faded into the mists of history. Over the centuries, the megalodons have all but died out. Scholars believe that there may be very few of these monstrosities left... perhaps less than ten. Those that remain are found only far out at sea. Very few people have ever seen a megalodon and lived. Those tales that do make it back to port are often confused with tales of the kraken or other sea monsters.


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