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Sea Spine Devil

Other Names Devil of the Deep, Kurmok, Spine Devil
Climate/Terrain Deep Ocean
Frequency Extremely Rare
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

Also known as a Kurmok, the sea spine devil is a terrifying site to behold. It is a spiny crustacean that somewhat resembles a mix between a centipede and a pale lobster. The heavily armored and segmented body is elongated and flexible, like a snake. It is over 20 meters long with twenty pairs of long, spiny legs. The front legs are thick and support two massive pincers which have snaps rowboats and men in two.


The sea spine devil has two small black eyes which are deeply inset and well protected, but these provide only poor sight and a limited field of vision. The sea spine devil relies more on the two great antennae that crown its head. These two large structures allow the beast to sense the life force within other creatures. By using these, the spine devil can pinpoint the position and strength of prey. The spine devil preys on sharks, small whales, ships and giant squid. These ferocious predators hunt in packs of 3-12. 

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

They inhabit the deep sea and only attack ships that are far from land. Virtually nothing is known of its life cycle. Tales of these attacks have spread terror among mariners and this serves to deter intercontinental travel.


The spine devil is a rare creature and it is likely there are only a few hundred or so in all the oceans of the world. Nothing is known of its life cycle.


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