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Torch Fish

Other Names Tarfish
Climate/Terrain Subterranean Lakes and Rivers
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Marine scavenger, herbivore

Physical Description

Also known simply as the oil fish or tarfish. The torch fish is a long, narrow silver fish with a black stripe down the length on each side. This 18 inch fish is flexible and almost eel like. Featureless blank eyes - this fish is blind.


The torch fish is very quick in the water and difficult to kill or capture. It's oily skin is very slippery and makes it extremely difficult to handle.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The torch fish dwells in subterranean lakes and rivers. It is extremely common in the lightless underworld.


The torch fish feeds on smaller fish, snails and cave shrimp. This is an edible fish but has a very oily flavor that most find disagreeable. The dwarves use the torch fish as a fuel source. The fishes natural oils burn well. The torch fish is killed and burned. It gets its name from the practice of wrapping it around the end of a stick and lighting it like a torch. However, the dwarves have found many uses for the fish and its flammable oil. The oil burns smoothly and slowly and is often used in lanterns and candles.


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