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Creatures in this category are well suited to hot, dry environments such as deserts and arid badlands. Such regions have very little vegetation other than scrub brush and cacti. Most such creatures have adapted to survive long periods of time without food and water. They are also well adapted to endure sandstorms.

Name Description

Brush Hawk

A common desert bird.
Desert Drake One of a species of small winged reptiles.
Durgang Straight beaked and shelled desert quadruped packhunter.

Dune Strider

Eight foot tall, lean, bipedal lizard capable of high speed sprints.
Halmaka A large, long legged desert beast of burden.
Sand Troll A large humanoid brute crowned with a horn.

Sand Worm

Five meter long worm that "swims" through sand dunes.
Sandshifter What's that moving in the sand?

Sentinel Scorpion

A giant variety of desert scorpion.


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