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Corpse Worms

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Special (see below)

Physical Description

Corpse worms appear as disgusting pale green worms coated in a thick slime of mucus. They are six inches long and resemble maggots. These worms will burrow into a corpse by the dozen and then, through a process not clearly understood, reanimate the corpse. The worms collectively form a crude intelligence and take control of the body. The corpse then rises as an undead creature. The walking corpse will attempt to kill any creature it finds. Upon successfully killing anything, the corpse will vomit forth several dozen worms which will inhabit the recently killed corpse. 


A reanimated corpse is essentially mindless and does not possess any skills it might have had when alive. It will attack with natural weaponry (fists, claws, tentacles or whatever else it may have). It's combat tactics are no more sophisticated than simply beating its opponent to death. 

A reanimated corpse is immune to just about everything. They suffer only half damage from fire and cold, one quarter damage from electrical attacks and one half damage from acid. They are completely immune to all forms of sleep, hold, charm or stun attacks. They are also completely immune to any and all psionics and mind affecting magic. They suffer only one quarter damage from melee weapons and do not feel any pain. They do not bleed. They must be hacked to pieces before they will stop attacking. Even severed claws and heads will continue to scratch and bite until destroyed.

In battling a reanimated corpse, it's possible that worms will jump from the corpse to the attacker. Worms that achieve contact with the skin will attempt to burrow into the living flesh of the victim. If one or more corpse worms successfully burrows into a living creature, they will lay eggs within 4 hours. If the worm is dug out before eggs are laid, the victim will suffer no more effects. If the worms remain and lay eggs, the victim will become sicker and sicker over the course of two to three days before finally dying. At which point, the eggs will hatch and hundreds of new corpse worms will reanimated the corpse.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

These worms are usually found in graveyards, subterranean chambers, sewers, swamps and other wet regions. These worms need wet conditions to thrive. If deprived of moisture, the worms will form a cocoon of dried slime and enter a dormant state.


The worms feed on the host corpses that they infest. Eventually, after several weeks, the host corpse will have sustained too much damage from their feeding and the worms will abandon it in search of another. Corpse worms generally do not attack living creatures. They can only feed on and animate corpses.


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