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Other Names Sprinter
Climate/Terrain Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The fallyr are a species of slender, hooved herbivore easily recognized at a distance by their brown fur coats with white markings. A male fallyr has a single spiral, slightly curved, horn emanating from its forehead. The fallyr uses this horn in territorial disputes with other males and courtship rituals. A fallyr stands about 1.5 meters tall at the shoulder and weights about 150 kilograms. Herds of fallyr running across the grasslands are a common sight to the omarin people.


The fallyr are timid herbivores that generally flee when threatened. They are exceptional runners and can outrun anything in the Desolation. They use their sensitive hearing to warn them of danger and their remarkable speed to avoid predators. If cornered or otherwise forced to fight, males will use their horns to impale opponents.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The diet of the fallyr consists mostly of grass and berries. Males use their horns to help them dig up roots and tubers as well. Fallyr travel in herds consisting of several family groups.


Fallyr are hunted by most predators in the desolation including deathmaulers, acidjaws, the omarin tribes and the horde. They survive the horde by evading, outrunning and outdistancing the horde. Their high rate of reproduction helps them survive as a species in this dangerous region as well. Fallyr meat is edible and very tasty. It is a common part of the omarin diet. Fallyr hides are used for leather items and their horns are prized as well. 


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