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The plants and animals of the Desolation have undergone an extreme form of forced mutation that coincided with the mass exodus of all cultures on the Shidarn Peninsula. The entire region was abandoned as monstrosity, demons, spirits and worse flooded the region. The Horde was the worst. This mass of creatures, which comes once each year and devours everything, has forced the plants and animals of the region to evolve unique adaptations to survive.

Below are some of the more common animals found beyond Garreon's Wall, including the dreaded Horde creatures themselves.

Name Description
Acidjaw A large quadruped predator with a powerful jaw and acidic saliva.
Blood Viper A dangerous snake that squirts poison laced blood from its eyes.
Corpse Worms Horrid worms that infest the dead.
Elekrin Overgrown centipede with a shocking surprise.
Fallyr A fast herbivore
Horde Creature The terror of the Desolation...
Hothgra A huge, 50 ton herbivore. The only true threat to the Wall.
Iron Roller Beetle Elongated, multisegment beetle with a unique defense.
Razor Bats Dangerous predators that swarm with razor tipped wings.
Sabre Scorpion Huge, aggressive scorpion with a nasty poison.
Shidaran Wights The dead rise...
Skullclaw The bane of sorcerers.
Spirit Wraiths Ghost like spectres of the Desolation


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