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Skullclaw Crab

Other Names Skullclaw
Climate/Terrain Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

This strange creature looks somewhat like a five legged crab. It has no eyes or other apparent sensory organs. It has no pincers. Rather, the legs end in soft gripping pads. The creature has a hard exoskeleton which is a reddish tan in color.


This horrifying creature is attracted to and feeds on magic. If a skullclaw senses spells being cast or any magical energy within 10 kilometers, it will track down the spell caster in order to feed. Skullclaws can fly using a form of levitation and magical propulsion. Once they tract down their prey, they attack.

They will then approach and latch onto the most powerful spell caster they can find. This often means latching onto the mage's head (from behind like a skullcap). Once attached, they are almost impossible to remove. If the creature cannot latch onto the mage's head (i.e. it misses) or if the mage is wearing a hood or helm) then the creature will attempt to latch onto any exposed flesh. The creature needs to have flesh contact in order to feed. Heavy cloth or armor will prevent it from feeding. Once attached, the mage will be unable to cast any spells as the creature will absorb any spell energy that he attempts to use. Forcibly removing the creature can and often does seriously injure or even kill the mage. Magical attacks are useless. Some non-magical herbs have proven an effective irritant to the creature. They will absorb the magical energy of items, active spell effects and the like.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Skullclaws are rare. It is believed that they are native to the Desolation of Shidar. However, on rare occasions, specimens have been elsewhere in eastern Aggradar.


Little is known of the ecology of this creature.


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