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Spirit Wraiths

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

The spirit wraiths of the Desolation are the stuff of nightmares. These wispy creatures are little more than a faint shimmer in the air. They are very difficult to see in the daytime and virtually invisible at night. The Chaddamarian mage Saramuthak created a magical lantern that he called the Lantern of Amanruetal to expose invisible creatures. It is likely that he created the lantern to deal specifically with spirit wraiths.

Besides the Lamp of Amanruetal, there are a very rare spells and other arcane items that can temporarily make a spirit wraith visible. When so exposed, a spirit wraith appears as a glowing, shimmering wispy form that vaguely resembles a head, torso and arms that end in clutching claws. No face is discernable other than two glowing pinpoints of light where one would expect eyes.

Whether invisible or illuminated by magic, the spirit wraith emits an eerie and disconcerting moan that has been described as an "echoing whisper".


Spirit wraiths attack with cold. Their touch is like icy death. The slightest touch causes pain, numbness and a coating of frost. A serious blow from a spirit wraith can cause severe frostbite and paralysis as that body part is partially frozen.

Non-magical weapons will pass harmlessly through a spirit wraith. Enchanted weapons affect them normally. Because of their incorporeal nature, many spells do not affect them.

Spirit wraiths will attack intruders that venture into their territory. They will strike invisibly, again and again, until they have slain the intruders.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Spirit wraiths are found only in the Desolation and no where else. Furthermore, spirit wraiths tend to congregrate around ruins. There are many ruins in the Desolation and many of these are haunted by spirit wraiths. This is one reason why the Omarin tribes avoid the ruins.


Spirit wraiths are incorporeal creatures and do not interact with their environment in any normal ecological way. They do not eat, excrete or reproduce.

The origin of spirit wraiths is not known. It has been speculated that they are the spirits of the dead from the ancient past. Other theories suggest that they were a product of the Great War.


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