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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Temperate Forest
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The disgusting arachnicon is one of the ugliest creatures in existence. The arachnicon is a humanoid/spider fusion. It has eight limbs total. Four are long and powerful, serving as legs. The other four are smaller and more nimble. This are held up and manipulated as arms. The flesh of this creature, both the upper humanoid half and the lower arachnid half, is a sickly grey twisted fibrous exoskeleton. The head of this creature is human shaped, has four large bulbous glassy eyes. The mouth is small and is covered by two large fangs. The thorax of the body is segmented and bent so that the upper half of the creature is erect. The abdomen is not bloated as it is in many arachnids, but seems to be an extension of the thorax.



They are cunning adversaries and use many tactics: Around their lair, they often create traps using the sticky filaments that they are able to create and place these traps where unsuspecting ground creatures will stumble into them. Another favorite tactic is to hang from tree limbs with their abdomens down and fire filaments at enemies. If a hit is successful, the arachnid reels in the opponent and cocoons the enemy or drops him onto the ground. All about their lair, arachnicons fasten very thin filaments attach to leaves and branches near the ground. These "sensor" filaments form a network. As the filaments are broken by the passage of creatures, the arachnicons are made aware of the intruder’s presence.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Arachnicons infest the deepest, darkest recesses of forests. They live, work and hunt in small collectives of six to ten members, usually related by bloodlines. Arachnicons hunt everything in their forest. They very rarely ever leave their forest. The arachnicons usually do not care for treasure, but are aware of the value of certain items and may use treasure as bait. Arachnicons will use magic items if the functions and benefits are readily apparent.


The arachnicon feeds on the blood and body fluids of other animals. The fangs of the arachnicon are specifically designed to puncture flesh and draw out these fluids. The spindles located in the hind section of the abdomen are able to generate adhesive filaments of varying thickness and strengths. These can be fired as a weapon or strung from secure points. Prey or prisoners are often secured with this webbing.


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