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Other Names Draconis
Climate/Terrain Varies
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

The drakes are a family of winged lizards which vary in size and coloration, but share the same structural appearance. The drake is known as the draconis to scholars (the plural is draconi). A drake is a small winged lizard, similar in shape to a dragon, but much smaller and lacks the characteristic breath weapon (with the exception of the polar drake, see below).


Depending on the subspecies, the drake may opt to fight or flee. If cornered, even the most timid subspecies will defend itself. In combat, all drakes use their claws and fangs to good affect. They are all excellent flyers having both speed and agility.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The drake originated on the continent of Ithria and is primarily found there. There have been some rare sightings of drakes on Aggradar and Qeshir. This is likely due to drakes being transported there on ships though they have not yet gained a foothold on those two continents as a species.

The specific habitat of a drake depends on its subspecies (see below). All drakes build nests with whatever materials may be gathered from the local environment. Drakes are omnivores. They are generally solitary except when they mate. There are several distinct subspecies of the drake.

The Subspecies of the Drake

Forest Drake

The forest drake lives up to its name in the protective shelter of wooded lands. It is the second smallest of the drakes with a one meter wing span and about a meter from snout to tail tip. They typically weigh only 5-7 kilograms. These miniature dragons are much too small to serve as a steed for even the tiniest race and too timid to be trained for battle. They are, however, quite intelligent and can learn commands and simple tricks. They are also strong and dextrous enough to carry small objects in flight. Forest drakes have green scales and blue or black eyes. Forest drakes make loyal pets and become attached to one owner when they are tamed.

Desert Drake

The desert drake prefers warm and dry environments and can be found in the Baen Desert and scattered throughout the southern Sentinel Mountains. A typical specimen has a 1.5 meter wingspan and weights about 20 kilograms. Desert drakes have beautiful coppery scales that have a metallic like sheen. Their hides are quite valuable as decorative leather and can fetch 50 gold pieces in certain markets.

Greater Drake

Also known as the Mountain Drake. The largest and strongest of all the drakes, the greater drake has grey scales that are rough in texture and often chipped or scarred from fighting. It has an 2.5 meter wing span and weighs 80 kilograms. The greater drake is the most aggressive of all drakes. It is primarily a carnivore and an exceptional hunter. Despite it's relatively small size (compared to other creatures) it is a fierce and surprisingly fearless fighter often standing its ground against much larger opponents. The greater drake is the least intelligent of all drakes and requires a firm hand to train. They dislike learning "tricks", but can be trained to fight on command. Greater drakes are somewhat picky about their masters and tend to bond with owners that are equally aggressive (warriors and such). Orc chieftains, warlords and the like sometimes keep them as pets.

Polar Drake

Also known as snow drakes and frostfangs, the polar drake is easily recognized by its bluish white scales. A typical specimen has a 1.5 meter wingspan and weights about 30 kilograms. The polar drake is unique in that it is the only drake that has a breath weapon. Once every thirty seconds or so, the polar drake is able to exhale a frosty blast of cold vapor. This ability is biological, rather than magical. It can expel this frosty blast about three or four times before exhausting its reservoir (which takes about a week to fully replenish). Fiercely independent, they prefer to be alone and do not tolerate other creatures well. In fact, polar drakes tolerate others of their kind only when mating. Likewise, polar drakes greatly dislike groups or crowds. The polar drake is occasionally tamed and kept as pets by the Borrellians.

Golden Drake

Said to be the most rare of all drakes, the golden drake has shimmering metallic gold scales and is smaller than all other species of drake. The golden drake is typically a half meter long and weighs about about 2-3 kilograms. Highly magical, the golden drake is said to boost the powers of any mage that is able to lure and keep one. A few rare and lucky mages have managed to acquire a golden drake as a familiar. Encounters with the golden drake are rare indeed, but such encounters have occurred in diverse environments - forest, desert, mountain, swamp, coast and jungle. The precise magical properties of a golden drake have not been studied, but many wizards swear upon the magical boost that their drake grants them.


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