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Creatures of the forest have adapted to thrive in heavily wooded regions. Most forest creatures have highly developed hearing with which to overcome the limited line-of-sight common in dense forests.

Name Description


Semi-humanoid arachnid 
Arachtopus An ugly soft bodied, tentacle legged creature.
Drake One of a subspecies of small winged reptiles.
Elfhorse The favored steed of the elves.
Hunter Rose A dangerous predatory plant like creature.


Huge fur covered predator that resembles a lion and bear.
Leafy Spider A well camouflaged spider like creature.
Mist Horror A cloud like creature.

Normidian White Elk

A prize trophy for any hunter.

Shimmer Cat

A near-invisible predator.
Skyrunner A small tree rodent.
Tarwing A huge winged creature the a vulture's head and reptilian body.


A large, fast, cunning forest-dwelling bipedal lizard.
Tree Leech A brightly colored, feathered arboreal parasite.

Tree Wolf

A canine-like squirrel.

Wind Fisher

Tree spider with a unique method of obtaining food.
Yadalla The world's largest butterfly.


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