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Hunter Rose

Other Names Hunting Flower, Wolf Rose
Climate/Terrain Temperate forests
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

This bizarre creature blurs the line between plant and animal. Many a scholar has puzzled over how to classify this thing. The hunter rose appears very much like large and colorful blossoming flower, somewhat similar to a rose.

This beautiful blossom is actually the head of the creature and the flower is actually a maw with many tiny teeth ringing the mouth. Many a maiden has knelt down to smell the flower only to receive a nasty bite to the nose.

The hunter rose lives up to its name. This flower can pull up its roots and run along the ground with surprising speed and agility. It uses this speed to hunt prey. It literally chases down small mammals and kills them. Even more alarming is the fact that hunter roses like to hunt in packs and can take down much larger prey. A single hunter rose will feed on mice and shrews. A dozen hunter roses can take down a large dog or a small child. Thankfully, hunter roses are rare creatures.

Although the hunter rose greatly resembles a flower, it is more properly classified as an animal. The creature has a small body which is usually buried in the soil. The body is covered in a hard carapace. The six legs of the creatures somewhat resemble roots. Because of its shell covered body and six legs, some scholars believe that it may be an evolved form of insect.

Some historians believe the hunter rose may be a weapon devised for use during the Great War. Other scholars think the creature evolved naturally (possible a mutation from Drellisian radiation) in Qeshir or the Fire Isles. In either case, hunter roses are found only in the tropical regions. However, sailors have taken these strange creatures on board (possibly mistaking them for flowers) and have spread them to new parts of the world.

Some people have been known to keep hunter roses as “pets”. If fed live prey regularly, a hunter rose is content to live in a pot of dirt like a potted plant. It excretes very little and only needs to be repotted every few months.


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