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Mist Horror

Other Names Grathi
Climate/Terrain Temperal Forest
Frequency Very rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

This gaseous creature appears to be a small, dense cloud of green vapor. This cloud does not expand and dissipate, rather it moves together with a rolling, churning motion maintaining the coherency of a single well-defined cloud.

The mist horror's body is a gaseous creature composed of highly charged metallic particles that float suspended in a magnetic field. The mist horror uses ambient magnetic fields in the environment to move about. Electromagnetic signals carried between the charged particles form a rudimentary neural net, in effect, a brain.



The mist horror feeds on the life energy of others. Its usual mode of attack involves bodily surrounding a creature and draining all magical and spiritual energies from the creatures with millions of tiny bursts of anti-magic. Because of its magnetic nature, the mist horror tends to avoid opponents that are clad in heavy metal armor and will stay far away from lodestones or anything electrically charged. It is highly susceptible to electrical attack. A very strong electric charge may stun it. A lightning bolt will kill it. Fire is somewhat effective and will damage the creature. A mist horror will actively avoid fire. Cold, acid, gas and paralyzation have no effect on it. Neither does any form of mind affecting magic. The mist horror is a slow moving creature and will use stealth to sneak up on victims. It often attacks sleeping creatures.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Because mist horrors feed on life energy itself, it tends to stay in regions where life energy is abundant... usually dense forests. When hungry, a mist horror will often feed on a tree, absorbing the life energy of the tree slowly, causing it to wilt. Once the tree has expired, it will move on to another. A group of shriveled trees is a sure sign of a mist horror nearby.


This is more than a wonder of nature or a phenomenon of energy and matter. The mist horror is an actual living and sentient life form. It responds to stimuli, reacts to attack and pursues food. The mist horror feeds on any live form near it. If no animals are available, it will sustain itself on insects, bacteria, grass, flowers and even whole trees. It is believed that the first mist horror may have been a magical weapon gone awry or a side effect of the World Storm. Some scholars believe that the mist horror reproduces through fission and that all mist horrors were spawned from one central ancestor.

The mist horror cannot tolerate the direct sunlight of Drellis. Therefore, during a Drellis dominant phase, it will be active only at night. During the day, it will find a cave or tree hollow in which to wait the sunlight out. When dormant, the mist horror appears as a fine, glittering crystalline powder covering the ground of whatever hole it is occupying.


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