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Normidian White Elk

Other Names White Elk, Normidian Stag
Climate/Terrain Sub-polar mountains, foothills
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The Normidian White Elk is a prize trophy animal for hunters everywhere. A relative of the elk, this animal is larger, stronger, faster and smarter than a regular elk. It is easily identified by its snow white fur. The white elk stands more than 2 meters tall (7 feet) at the shoulder and weighs over 1000 kilograms (2,200 pounds). Bucks are usually crowned by an impressive rack of razor sharp antlers.


Because of this animals speed, strength and cunning, it really makes a hunter WORK for the prize. This is why hunters, especially the Normidian, cherish this animal. The antlers of this creature have very sharp edges. Many hunters have died hunting this majestic animal.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The Normidian white elk inhabits the Dragon Claw mountains and northern Normidia. It sticks to the forests and tends to migrate north and south depending on the season. The white elk uses its white fur to blend in with snow.


Traditionally the white elk is only hunted in the winter (it's more sporting that way). Normidians usually hunt the white elk in groups of five. This animal is quite beautiful and the head is almost always mounted. Bucks are considered more valuable than does.


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