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Tar Wing

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Forest, Swamps, Marshlands
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Scavenger, Herbivore

Physical Description

The tar wing appears as a large winged avian with strong reptilian characteristics. The creature has a pair of enormous bat-like wings which typically have a 20 foot wingspan. The body is slender and scaled, like a lizard. The head is somewhat like a vulture. It has a triangular beak and sits at the end of a long, thick neck. The wings of this creature are shiny and black and covered with tar like resin.


These docile creatures generally avoid combat and will flee a threat. They are easily frightened by fire and large flashes or explosions. If trained, they will use their bite as an attack..

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Tar wings can be found in forests, swamps and wooded hills throughout western Aggradar. Tarwings are scavengers and omnivores. They will eat anything.


Although stupid, the tar wing is somewhat trainable. Some races, most notably the boglings, have been known to use tar wings as a flying steed. Typically, a tar wing would be outfitted with harness, seatbelt, rope, water, food, etc. Also, the harness is equipped with a club. These creatures are scavengers and will revert back to that unless strictly controlled. Not the best steed, rather stupid and difficult to control. Hence the cudgel to beat the creature. Pain is the only thing it understands.


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