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Carrion Crow

Other Names Great Raven
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Scavenger

Physical Description

The Carrion Crow is a large species of raven, typically with a four foot wing span. Its feathers are a dirty grey and are often smeared with the blood of its meal. It's powerful beak can snap bones and punch through armor.

The large, grey eggs of a carrion crow are speckled with black dots.


Carrion Crows avoid combat whenever possible. However, groups of them have been known to attack sick or wounded animals. On rare occasions, humanoids have been attacked. This is especially true if one ventures too closer to the nest.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Carrion crows can be found anywhere, but especially in cities, garbage mounds, battle fields and the like. Carrion crows are unique in that they are a very social bird and even use community nests. As many as twenty mated pairs of carrion crows will keep their eggs in a large deep nest. Such a nest is formed from branches, twigs and vines. It may be built almost anywhere but is usually in a defensible position. There are usually at least 8 crows at the nest at any time to protect the eggs.


Carrion Crows feast on corpses, garbage and more. They can survive on almost anything and seem to have a remarkable resistance to disease and poison.


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