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Climate/Terrain Grasslands
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Diet Herbivore

Physical Description

The craghorn is a large, grey-skinned quadruped native the the grasslands of Qeshir. Craghorns weigh over two metric tons and stand three meters tall at the shoulder. They have a herbivorous diet, small brains, thick wrinkled grey skin and a large head which is crowned by a single massive cranial horn . The broad head sits forward on a thick neck and is balanced by a short, thick tail. Craghorns are immensely strong, routinely besting whole teams of horses.


The craghorn is a usually peaceful creature and will avoid combat when it can. Craghorns move in large herds and rely on numbers to deter most predators. If threatened by a predator, a craghorn will fight back using its cranial ridge as a weapon. It's thick hide and layers of fat provide some protection.

Males fight each other with their horns and compete with each other during mating season. Due to the size and strength of the craghorn, any encounter with an aggressive or agitated craghorn can be dangerous.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Craghorns are found throughout Qeshir, chiefly in open grasslands and hills. They are frequently used in the Juenta Kingdoms and the Secambru Tribes region as beasts of burden. They are not native to the deserts of the Padashan Empire, but have been brought there in great numbers to be used as beasts of burden there as well. Craghorns are not found in the Kingdom of Anquar as the Anquarans vastly prefer to use horses.


Craghorns are peaceful herbivores, roaming grasslands in herds of between 30 and 80 individuals. They can tolerate a wide range of terrains and temperatures and have been found in high alpine meadows and dry scrublands, but they prefer open plains and grasslands. Craghorns eat various grasses, flowers, fruits, reeds along rivers and tree leaves.


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