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The Grasslands category includes creatures that dwell in grasslands, plains, savannahs and other open areas. Due to the tremendous line of sight afforded in open grasslands, many animals have adapted coloration or outright camouflage to blend in with their surroundings. Predators usually have highly developed eyesight to spot prey at great distances.

Name Description

Carrion Crow

A large and aggressive avian scavenger.
Craghorn A large and powerful quadruped herbivore native to Qeshir.


One of a species of small winged reptiles.
Firedove The most beautiful bird in Aggradar.
Fire Eagle A huge predatory bird native to central Qeshir.
Firewisp A rare insect with a fabulous treasure.
Kittersal A small winged feline prized as a pet by wizards.


Strange ballon creature that lives its entire life in the air.


Scavenger bird that inhabits tropical grasslands.

Stone Beak

A giant, flightless bird from the western tropical grasslands.
Wind Banshee A giant reptilian-like flightless bird native to Qeshir.


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