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Other Names Great Raven
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Scavenger

Physical Description

This bird is considered to be the most beautiful bird in all of Aggradar. It is a bright yellow bird with orange feathers along the edge of the wings, the wing tips and tail. Its brilliant yellow and orange plumage gives the bird its name. Fire doves are a favorite of Aukarian and Chaddamarian nobles.


Firedoves are simple animals and completely harmless. They will flee if threatened.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Fire doves are native to central and eastern Aggradar. Many nobles in Aukaria and Chaddamar will create gardens on their estates and grounds. It is known the fire doves like to eat ikiro blossoms. So, these nobles will often plant several ikiro blossom trees in their gardens to attract fire doves.

Fire doves are known for flocking and circling, sometimes around trees or ponds, forming a whirling tornado of color and chirping song. This beautiful sight is called a “fire dove dance”.




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