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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Tropical grassland
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Scavenger

Physical Description

The mura is a large, raptor with a robust body and broad wings, distantly related to vultures and buzzards. The bird has a lean, bony frame that gives it a somewhat awkward and gangly appearance. It has a long body, long thin legs and enormous wings. It's coloration varies from light grey to dark grey with a few all black specimens. The mura's wing span averages 4.5 meters although rare individuals have 7 meter wingspans. It is considered, by many, to be a generally unattractive animal.


The mura avoids combat whenever possible, preferring to scavenge easy meals or hunt small prey. When forced to fight, it attacks with its huge beak and tries to rip off limbs or pluck out eyes. Because the mura is a solitary creature, it is territorial and will occasionally fight with other mura to establish dominance and drive off competitors.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The mura is only found in warm dry regions. It is common in the western grasslands, but may also be found throughout the Sentinel mountains and in the Baen Desert. It is highly adaptable and can manage to survive in almost any warm climate.


The mura is not particular about what it eats. It will strip fruit and leaves from trees when hungry enough, but prefers meat. It is primarily a scavenger and will circle over a battle waiting for a chance to scavenge scraps. The mura bird has also been known to eat rotting meat and to hunt creatures. It is a cowardly hunter though and usually attacks prey much smaller than itself. It often dines on rabbits, snakes and other small creatures, but will occasionally make off with a young lamb. It is considered a nuisance in some farming areas.


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