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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Airborne
Frequency Common
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

The skypod has a multi-part body. The top most part consists of a large hollow bag made of an elastic skin stretched over thin ribs of cartilage. This sac is filled with air and holds it with a very high pressure. Suspended beneath this sack by several fibrous cords is the "head", denoted as such only because it houses the brain. This head lacks eyes, ears and anything else that might be found on a humanoid head. Suspended beneath the head is a mass of long tentacles. This tentacles are thin and dance endlessly in the wind.


The skypod does not generally fight. It does sense and avoid large objects and creatures. It has been known to flee from large winged creatures that enjoy these airborne delicacies.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The skypod is a strange balloon shaped creature which floats along with the eddies and currents of the atmosphere. In fact, this gas filled wind rider spends its whole life in air, never once touching the land. By varying the pressure and temperature of the air inside the sac, the creature is able to rise and descend. Only when it dies does this creature land.


The skypod is a bit of a conundrum to scholars. The creature appears marginally sentient in that it actively avoids predators of the air, but exhibits no true intelligence. Furthermore, the skypod absorbs nutrients from air and conducts photosynthesis with its green balloon sac as do the plants. Is this creature half plant and half animal? Perhaps it is a distant flying cousin to the walking plant. None can say.


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