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Dragon Hound

Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Tropical Mountains
Frequency Rare
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The hideous dragon hound appears to be a large canine with the following exceptions. A pair of large, leathery bat-like wings sprout from its muscular black. The beast’s corded muscles show clearly as the creature apparently has no skin, but is rather sheathed in muscles and grey fibrous tissue. Likewise, the thick black bones of this creature are exposed. The eyes of the dragon hound glow a fierce red and are said to glow brighter at night, especially when it is hunting. Overall, the creature is a terrifying sight to behold.



Dragonhounds hunt in small packs and are very aggressive. They often attack creatures much larger than themselves. One eye witness claims to have seen a pack of eight dragon hounds attack a dythillin. Their ability to fly makes them dangerous opponents and difficult to flee from. They fight well as a group, but do not employ tactics of any kind. The typical attack consists of a flying leap to close with the prey and a combination of clawing and biting to rip out as much flesh as possible. Because of their wings, dragonhounds are capable of true flight, but tire easily. Flight is normally reserved for combat. Dragonhounds consume a large quantity of meat to sustain their high energy output (i.e. flight).

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Dragonhounds live in warmer climates, often inhabiting caves and chasms. They prefer arid regions and are sometimes found in foothills and mountains. A single pack will claim a large area and mark this territory with their scent. They are most common in the Sentinel Mountains.


In many respects, dragon hounds behave as true canines. They mate for life, share the task of raising the young, hunt in packs and establish a well defined hierarchy within the group. They even follow the wolven characteristic of baring the throat when defeated in a duel. A typical pack will consist of between six and ten members. Dragonhounds are prized as pets by both ogres and saurians, both of which do not mind the hideous appearance of the creature. It is common to find one or more dragon hounds living in an orcish village, an ogre war camp or a goblin tribe. They are kept as pets and used for tracking, hunting and as guard dogs.

Scholars suspect that dragon hounds were developed with bio-magic and genetic tinkering late in the Great War. These beasts are very intelligent and highly trainable. They are capable of learning several complex tasks and recognizing several masters.


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