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Koryn's Steeds

Other Names Korynian Steeds
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore


During the Great War, the Irenni League used biomagic, genetic tinkering and selective breeding to produce three specialty types of horses. Overseeing this project was Koryn, a wizard skilled in biomancy and a horse breeder. This project was funded by the Irenni League military who sought faster, stronger horses for their mounted soldiers. Other horse types were planned, but Koryn only produced these three before he was killed in the war.


A Korynian scout is built for one thing: speed. These lean, horses have glossy black coats and typically stand four feet at the shoulder. Scouts can outrun all other horses. They can gallop 10 kilometers without resting and are capable of sprinting at even greater speeds for short bursts. Scouts cannot carry much weight and tire easily if overloaded. But with a lightweight rider, they can cover long distances in a day - typically twice the distance of a regular horse. Kingdoms often employ these steeds for scouts, messengers and couriers. Riders are typically female or young boys.

Scouts are jittery, nervous animals that are notoriously difficult to deal with and require special handling. Some horse trainers will specialize in this rare and temperamental breed. Scouts scare easily, are finicky eaters, often suffer from nervous disorders and age more quickly than regular horses. A typical scout will only live to be 10-12 years old.

Scouts are typically five times the cost of a regular riding horse.


These massive ash grey horses are the largest breed of horse in the world. They typically stand 2 meters tall at the shoulder and often weight more than 1200 kilograms. The average hauler is typically four to five times stronger than an average horse. Their huge legs are so heavily muscled that haulers cannot gallop. However, they can pull extremely heavy weights for long periods of time without getting tired. Haulers are extremely tough horses, able to withstand punishment and abuse that would kill a stable full of "normal" horses.

Korynian haulers are dull and docile creatures. They cannot be trained beyond the basics. They tend to ignore everything around them, in some cases, even combat.

Haulers typically live 18-20 years.

Haulers are typically three times the cost of a regular draft horse.


Designed for the Irenni knights, these magnificent beasts are always a deep chocolate color. Their heads are crowned by two great black horns that sweep straight back. They are very beautiful horses, exceptionally intelligent, easily trainable, able to learn several tricks and fiercely loyal to a single rider. They can even obey spoken commands. On average, Korynian chargers are stronger, faster and most intelligent than a typical horse. Chargers often live to be more than 50 years old.

Chargers are renowned for the calm, even tempers and their ability to be trained for combat. In battle, they are fearless.

Korynian chargers are a rare, valuable and sought after breed of horse. Chargers typically cost ten to twenty times as much as a regular horse. They are also seen as a status symbol in many regions.


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