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Other Names Sting Horror, Swarmer
Climate/Terrain Jungle
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

These terrors are each a foot long and resemble a cross between a scorpion and a dragonfly. They have a thick, shiny grey carapace and a long, segmented tail that ends in an oversized stinger.

Ithrian Horrax Qeshiran Horrax


Like the dragonflies they resemble, horrax are expert flyers, having the ability to hover and fly backwards. Horrax have long scorpion like tails tipped with barbed stingers which deliver a lethal poison.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

These horrors came into being during the Great War, undoubtedly as some sort of biological weapon. The nature of their creation and the name of their creator are lost to history.

There are two subspecies of the horrax. Both subspecies are rare and found only in tropical regions of dense vegetation - mostly tropical forests, swamps and jungles. Thw two subspecies are

The Ithrian horrax - found primarly in Karth, Myria and the Pirate isles. It has a more slender body and a downward curving stinger..

The Qeshiran horrax - found primarily in western Qeshir and the Fire Isles. Identified by a heavier body and an upward curving stinger.


Horrax resemble wasps in many ways. They live in hive communities led by a queen. They are exceptionally aggressive and feed on virtually anything - plant life, fresh meat, carrion, garbage. They have voracious appetites due to their high metabolism. Groups of horrax have been known to take down large animals such as horses and cattle with ease.


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