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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Tropical Jungle and Forest
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Omnivore

Physical Description

The trexiss looks like a bizarre fusion of bat and beetle. It has a black mass as a central body. A small head with two pinpoint bright eyes and mandibles sits hunched between shoulder plates. Four large leathery bat-like wings sprout from the segmented armored back. It has six black insectoid legs with claws and a short whip-like tail. All over the creature is covered in segmented beetle carapace armor which is shiny black.


The trexiss is not a difficult opponent to defeat, but two factors make this creature very dangerous. The trexiss always attacks in numbers and its bite delivers a vicious poison. Its high speed and erratic flight patterns make the creature difficult to hit. Trexiss share a limited telepathic link with members of its own pack and this aids them in combat. Trexi coordinate their attacks to hit targets from all sides and simultaneously to limit the target’s defensive ability. Trexiss will also flee together if a battle is going against them.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Trexi (plural) live and hunt in packs of 2 to 20. They are completely subterranean and hate light. Large explosions will drive them away for a short time. Bright lights or thick smoke keep them at bay. The trexiss is a dangerous opponent and not too uncommon.


The bite of a trexiss delivers a devastating poison - a paralytic nerve toxin which ravages the victims nervous system. Depending on the strength of the victim, the results vary. Symptoms include weakness, unconsciousness, limp muscles, pain and muscular soreness. This muscular soreness is permanent. (Permanent loss of dexterity and/or health... GM’s discretion).


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