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Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (only when summoned)
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Special (see below)

Physical Description

This repulsive demon is only vaguely humanoid. In place of legs, it has two strong arms and walks on its hands. It has two normal (smaller) arms in the usual location. Because of this unusual four arm setup, the creature walks with an odd gait. An asikoth's head sits atop a long serpentine neck and ends in a snout. Two swept back ears sit high on the skull. An asikoth's skin is mottled green. A bony ridge runs down its back. An asikoth's belly may be distended or flattened depending on how much acid it has stored up. 


Besides a nasty bite and two sharp claws, the asikoth's most devastating weapon is its breath weapon. During combat, the asikoth can vomit forth a spray of acidic mucus. this thick yellowy substance sticks to armor and skin. This repulsive substance rapidly dissolves wood, metal, flesh, bone and even stone. The process is very painful and will cause spasms in the victim. This vomit can be projected up to 20 feet with a fair degree of accuracy. The asikoth can vomit acid once every few seconds up to 15 times before it has depleted its reservoir. It then takes six hours to replenish its supply.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The asikoth is a demon and its natural habitat is somewhere in the depths of Hell. The asikoth can be summoned forth by an evil wizard or priest and assigned a duty or task. In such a role, the asikoth could be encountered almost anywhere.


The asikoth consumes the dissolved flesh of its prey. If pressed, it will consume any dissolved organic matter (vegetation, wood, even dirt). Very little is known about the mating or reproduction of the asikoth and no study of the asikoth in its natural habitat has been conducted. 


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