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Other Names Mechanoid, Golem, Construct
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Rare
Organization Varies
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

Automatons are a general classification of any mechanical being constructed and animated through magical means. Over centuries of research and experimentation, wizards have learned to combine basic mechanics with magical enchantment to construct a variety of mechanical golems. These constructs vary considerably in design, size, weight, construction techniques and building materials. Some may be full functional, mobile creatures made roughly in the likeness of their maker with two arms and two legs. Others may resemble quadrupeds, snakes or beetles. Some are as small as a rat while others are twice the size of an ogre. Some may even be integrated into the architecture of buildings, vehicles, etc.


Just as the design of an automaton can vary, so do the weapons, armor and combat "skills". An automaton can  be equipped with a number of weapons - blades, grapnel hook launchers, gems that emit specific pre-arranged spells, iron fangs, spikes, hammers, spinning saws and more. The weapons that can be integrated into an automaton are limited only by the imagination. Automatons that are designed for battle are usually equipped with heavy armor.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Varies. As a constructed creature, they can be found anywhere, carrying out any mission or assignment. Some models are built to guard and may even be constructed into the architecture they are designed to guard. Most automatons, however, are built to be mobile and capable of carrying out a variety of assignments. As such, they are typically built about the size and shape of a man with moderate weaponry and armor. Most are reasonably intelligent and can carry out complex assignments.


As an artificial construct, an automaton does not interact with environment. They do not carry out any normal biological functions - they do no eat, sleep, procreate or excrete.


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