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Bone Horror

Other Names Necronid, Slythikar, Bone Spider
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Rare
Organization Varies
Activity Cycle


Diet None

Physical Description

This terrifying creation appears to be an animal composed of human bones. The exact form varies, but it is always constructed of gleaming white bones that have been purged of all flesh and they are constructed from bones to assume the form of an animal. Regardless of its final form, the spells involved with the creation of this creature are the same.

The most common form of bone horror comes in the shape of a large spider. Eight jointed legs radiate out from a central body with bones of varying size. The central body itself is a humanoid skull connected to a ribcage (which takes the form of an abdomen).  The spine runs underneath skull and ribcage. Such a bone horror typically has a leg span of about 4 feet and weighs about 50 pounds.

Another common form is a quadruped which moves and prowls much like a canine. It walks on four human skeletal arms and has a human skull for a head and a human spine/rib cage.


These abominations move with a click-clack of bony legs across a stone floor. The spider variety can scuttle across a floor with terrifying speed. The spider variety can even climb walls and ceilings like a true spider. Bone horrors move with easy over almost any surface. Their typically attack is to spring up to 15 feet and bite with the fangs of the skull. They are also surprisingly strong. Their bite is strong enough to sever a hand. They have been known to drag the body of a fully armored warrior back to their master. Some bone horrors have been given special methods of attack by their creators, such as a venomous bite.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

As constructed creatures, bone horrors are encountered wherever their masters place them. They are often given guard duty of treasure vaults or summoned to serve as body guards. They may even be used as trackers and hunters by their creators. Bone horrors.are usually encountered in dungeons, crypts, ruins and caves. When outside they only travel at night. Direct sunlight will destroy a bone horror.


A bone horror is created by an evil necromancer or priest. The exact formula for this creature is a closely guarded secret shared amongst certain evil sects or arcane guilds. The construction of a bone horror involves the murder of a living human whose bones go into the construction. Hence, the creation of a bone horror is most definitely an evil act.

Once crafted, a bone horror is permanent until destroyed. As constructed creatures, bone horrors are not alive and do not interact with their environment. They do not eat, sleep or breathe. They do not reproduce.


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