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This category includes two primary types of beings - Created and Summoned. 


Artificial creatures that were created through magical means such as golems, undead, clockwork automatons and the like.  Created creatures do not carry on basic biological functions as normal animals do (things like eating, reproducing, etc) and so do not interact with their environment


Demons, devils and other beasts from alternate dimensions. Such creatures are usually summoned to Khoras by spell casters through powerful magic to serve them. These creatures are flesh and blood and interact with their environment.

Name Classification Description
Asikoth Summoned An acid spewing demon.
Automaton Created Any of a variety of constructed mechanical/magical beings.
Bone Horror Created An undead construct fashioned from human bones into the likeness of an animal.
Fire Maggot Summoned A miserable, lowly form of demon. Often summoned as a byproduct.
Guardian Created A many eyed floating sphere of flesh fashioned by sarthak sorcerers.


Created Magic eating mineral creature.

Shadow Wraith

Created A remnant from the Great War.
Vulhoron Summoned A massive demonic beast of burden.
Whip Spider Summoned A lesser demon that resembles an arachnid.


Created Undead humanoid.


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