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Fire Maggot

Other Names Hell Maggot, Infernal Maggot
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (only when summoned)
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

This repulsive creature appears as a huge red maggot, almost a half meter long, coated in mucus and continually burning. The trail of slime that it leaves behind burns as well. 


Fire maggots can spit their flaming mucus a few feet, but are generally not a tremendous threat. However, smashing them can cause flaming mucus to fly everywhere. It is very easy to start fires when battling or killing these creatures.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Firemaggots are a miserable, lowly form of demon. They breed in the lowest pits of hell. Quite often, when a sorcerer summons forth a demon or opens a gate to the nether regions, fire maggots will spill out of the open gate. They are an undesirable side effect of opening up such conduits.


Fire maggots are carnivorous and eternally hungry.


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