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Other Names -
Classification Construct
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (only when summoned)
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Special (see below)

Physical Description

A sphere of flesh about a half meter in diameter with several dozen eyes. The eyes seem very human and are of different colors. All eyes are equally spaced. Ropey veins protrude from the flesh. 


They don't fight, but occasionally may have offensive or defensive spells cast on them by their creators.

Often, the sarthak will cast specific spells on specific eyes. Certain eyes will be enchanted to see invisible objects or see through illusions, etc.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Since guardians are created by the sarthak, guardians are almost always found deep underground in the Underworld. Typically they will be serving in a sarthak city guarding treasure vaults and the like. However, they can also be used to accomplish other tasks. Rumors state that the secret of their creation has spread and it's possible that one may be encountered in a wizard's tower or the like.


The guardian is a constructed beast. It is assembled by sarthak wizards who fashion it from the flesh and eyes taken from victims. The act of creating a guardian is an evil one as the eyes must be torn from victims who are still alive. Evil wizards on the surface world may also be fashioning guardian spheres in like manner..


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