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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

Krysalites appear as meter long, oddly shaped crystalline clusters that move about by levitation. They are composed of a rock-hard bluish translucent crystalline mineral. Electricity crackles about them continuously, miniature lightning bolts arcing between each shard. If it were not for intelligent behavior and independent movement, these odd creatures might be mistaken for strange geological growths. At night, the internal energy of these creatures causes them to glow.


Krysalites usually move about in groups and tend to swarm in combat. To attack, a krysalite will rapidly fly up to a target and release some of its body energy with an area-of-effect electrical discharge. This cloud of electricity extends out about 10 feet.

Krysalites have a special form of attack against spell casters. Krysalites are able to detect magical energy, any magical energy, within about one mile. They are able to absorb this energy as a form of nourishment and can drain it out of the environment, an enchanted object or even a mage. When draining a mage, the process is painful and causes damage to the spellcaster. The effect depends greatly on the amount of energy the mage has within him. A weary spellcaster who has all but exhausted his energy will suffer little and probably survive with only his dignity damaged. However, a well-rested mage with all his spells ready to go could easily die if completely drained by a pack of krysalites. Ironically, more powerful mages suffer more from krysalites and weaker mages tend to endure such attacks much better

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Krysalites are very rare creatures but have been encountered in diverse locales. They seem to have no natural habitat to themselves, but go wherever they may find magic. Krysalites are attracted to magic-rich regions and small groups of them have wandered in Carrikosian and Corvenian territory before. The largest concentration of krysalites is reported to be a island deep in the Wild Sea, but this is unconfirmed.


Krysalites feed on pure magical energy. They can sense enchantments up to a mile away and will absorb magical energy from spells, magic items and even spell casters. A single krysalite can suck the energy out of a magic wand or enchanted sword in just a few minutes. A group will aggressively pursue a mage, attacking as described above, and will drain all magical energy from him, causing damage as they drain.

Unlike the etherbane, krysalites cannot absorb life energy from a living creature... only raw magical essence.

Krysalites are intelligent beings and communicate with each other with a complicated series of electrical discharges conducted at very close range to each other. They are able to sense each other are great distance and use this to coordinate their attacks.


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