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Shadow Wraith

Other Names Dark Wraith
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The shadow wraith is a terror to behold. It is appears as a humanoid creature about the size and shape of a large human man, but walks hunched over. It has thick, leathery dark grey skin, long ears, glowing red eyes, long wild hair and long claws. It's face is a cruel visage which resembles a snarling animal. Tattered remnants of clothing may hang on the creature in shreds. It behaves like a wild animal and is as dangerous.


A shadow wraith does not use tactics of any sort, but will simply rush an opponent and attempt to claw and bite the victim to death. It is extremely aggressive, especially if it smells blood. It has exceptional hearing and vision, including infrared vision. The creature is dexterous and fast, able to achieve bursts of speed faster than an average running man. It is virtually fearless and cannot be driven away with loud noises or fire. In fact, the creature is driven to kill by an unquenchable thirst for death. It feeds on many of its kills, but even if satiated, it will still attack any creatures it sees. If the wraith encounters a variety of potential targets, it will attack humanoids in preference over all other creatures.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Shadow wraiths are very rare as they are only created when an unfortunate humanoid stumbles upon and is affected by the dreaded Shadow Orchid, a condition known as the Shadow Curse. They can be encountered almost anywhere. Usually, once a victim of the Shadow Orchid has transformed into a shadow wraith, the wraith will begin hunting immediately. It will kill anything it comes across. If no meals are to be found, it will widen its search, usually finding a village or road eventually where it encounters things to kill.


The shadow wraith exists only because of the Shadow Orchid, a genetically engineered plant that was created during the Great War as a biological weapon. Hundreds of the plants were seeded in enemy territory. This plant has managed to thrive and multiple and can now be found in forests throughout Ithria. Most cultures are aware of the plant and avoid it or destroy it when they can. However, there are many of these flowers still in existence, hidden deep in forests or on lonely hilltops. Like trees, they grow a little each year and live for decades.

The shadow wraith itself exists for only one purpose - to kill. It is an aggressive carnivore and will attack and kill anything slower than it. It is of animal intelligence, has no language and can not be trained or subdued. The life expectancy of a shadow wraith is unknown as the wraith will make itself known shortly after its creation by attacking road travelers or a village and the local authorities will act quickly to dispatch the creature before too many lives are lost.


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