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Other Names Stone Biter, Siege Beast
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare (summoned)
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A massive 15-ton, six legged creature. The vulhoron is covered with a thick horny grey hide. This demon stands 4 meter  tall at the shoulder and is over 6 meters long. It has a 3 meter  tail that ends in a hammer shaped bone. The most unique feature of this demon is its head which consists of a four-part jaw structure. Instead of teeth, each jaw is lined with bony ridges. These four jaws make up 90% of the head.


The vulhoron hunts by shooting out a long (9 meter) tongue which has strong adhesive properties. Quick as lightning, this tongue can snatch up small creatures or grapple and drag larger animals to their doom. The vulhoron deals with more serious opponents directly, either by trampling or biting. The vulhoron's bite is devastating. One bite from its four-part jaw can easily shatter a tree or wreck a wall. The hide of the vulhoron is very thick and will turn most blades easily. And let's not forget that hammer shaped tail which can crush a man with a slightest graze.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Vulhorons are predators and hunt the rocky plains of some corner of the nether regions of the multiverse. That fact makes the vulhoron all the more terrifying. This thing hunts other demons.


The vulhoron is a demon and only appears when summoned to this plane by a wizard or similar worker of magic. As with most summoned demons, very little is known about this demon. On those rare occasions when the vulhoron has been seen in this world, it has proven itself to be an aggressive carnivore with a knack for disassembling buildings. Because of this talent, it is sometimes called the Siege Beast.


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