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Other Names Nightwing, Battrel, Deathwing
Climate/Terrain Tropical Mountains
Frequency Rare
Organization Pack
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

Darkwings are a rare species of giant bat. These monstrous things have black, leathery wings that span a full twelve meters (and some reports tell if even larger specimens). They have thick black fur, long whip-like tails, razor sharp three talon claws and canine heads that greatly resemble a wolf's head. This creature is most commonly known as the "darkwing" although it goes by other names as well. The elves call it the nightwing. It is called battrel in the dwarven language) and the avarains, who identify it with Setharus, call them deathwings.


The darkwing is an excellent flyer. While it has a modest top speed, the darkwing is extremely agile and maneuverable in the air. The darkwing always fights from the air since it has difficulty  moving when on the ground. The usual attack mode for this creature is flying straight at an opponent and ramming. This allows the battrel to grapple and bite and sometimes knock opponents from high places. Darkwings are highly vulnerable to audible attacks, but are immuned to visual attacks except those involving bright light.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Darkwings are completely nocturnal. They always live in mountainous regions, usually in high caves, under cliffs, in crevasses - anywhere they can find deep shadows. Darkwings hate sunlight and never willingly expose themselves to it. Darkwings live and hunt in small packs of six to twelve members. They can be trained or charmed to serve as steeds. They are just large enough and strong enough to carry a single human rider with light armor and lightweight gear.

Darkwings can also be found in the deep underworld where they hunt the vast lightless natural caverns below.


This large night hunter is primarily a carnivore. It's diet consists of small game - birds, lizards, fish and small mammals. Darkwings, like other bats, use echolocation to find food and sense their surroundings. Darkwings naturally have very poor eyesight which is extremely sensitive to bright light, but outstanding hearing. They fly down on prey with silent speed, strike fast and carry the prey off to be devoured. They are strong enough to lift adult mountain goats but often go for smaller prey.


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