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Other Names False Dragon, Wyvern
Climate/Terrain Mountains
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The drakonar is a huge winged reptile. It looks very much like a dragon, except that it has two pair of leathery wings and a smaller frame. The drakonar has very horny hide and scales and spiked ridges over key body parts. Clearly a relative of the dragon, the drakonar is often mistaken for one. The double set of wings is the most obvious clue, but most people are too busy running to check.


The drakonar is not a true dragon. It has no breath weapon (and that, for most scholars, is the defining characteristic of a dragon). However, is has iron hard claws and fangs which are more than dangerous. The jaws of a drakonar can crush a horse with one bite. The drakonar is a dangerous opponent.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Drakonar are found throughout the temperate regions of Aggradar. They tend to avoid civilized regions and make lairs in remote desolate wilderness areas.


Major predator in many areas. A drakonar may claim an area of up to 3000 square kilometers as its hunting territory. Drakonar are curious creatures and will often leave their territory if they smell something interesting in the wind. They often will fly out to take a close look at ships if they smell something interesting on board. Usually they are not aggressive in this circumstance, but it still disconcerting to have a four winged "dragon" flying around the masts.

Drakonars are notoriously difficult to capture and/or train. Some have attempted to train them for use as steeds, but any successes are very rare.


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