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Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Arid Mountains, Badlands and Deserts
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A drognot is a huge creature which resembles a winged bull. Its massive leathery bat-like wings are the same stone grey color as the creatures hide and have a 25 foot wingspan. Unlike a bull, this creature is a carnivore and has a sharp, bony ridge of teeth for tearing flesh. Its head is crowned by two great horns which it uses to gore victims. The creatures eyes glow in the dark.


Drognots are aggressive animals and fearless fighters. They will attack with little provocation, biting and goring opponents to death. Because drognots are powerful flyers, it's difficult to outrun one or escape by climbing a tree. Drognots have been known to knock victims out of the branches of trees. However, drognots can only flight for a short time and tire easily.

Drognots have long whip-like tails that end in a sharp, blade shaped bone that can leave quick vicious cuts on the slow or unwary.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

Drognots can be found in hills, rocky mountains, arid badlands and deserts. They are most common in the Sentinel Mountains, but they have also been reported in the Shattered Mountains, the Tanlur Mountains and the Fekwar Mountains. Drognots hunt during the day and feed on mountain goats, mule deer, coyotes, burrow hounds, sentinel scorpions and just about any other big prey that smells interesting. Drognots have a highly developed sense of smell and it it believed they hunt and find mates based on scent.


The drognot is sometimes used as a steed by the servants of darkness. Drognoths are intelligent and can be trained, but require a firm hand. They make excellent steeds to powerful masters. Drognoths prefer the company of orcs, ogres and other evil races. They will not tolerate the presence of elves and will attack elves on sight.

It is said by many that the drognots are not natural creatures. It is possible they were brought here by the forces of darkness from another realm or dimension. It's also possible that they were created by crossbreeding some foul bovine of the Abyss with cattle of this world. In any case, drognots now dwell in Khoras. Thankfully, they are rare.


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