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This category includes creatures which dwell primarily in rocky, mountainous regions, often at high altitudes. Most land-bound mountain animals has excellent balance and are very good climbers. They typically have short, powerful legs and large lung capacities. Flyers in mountainous regions often have broad wingspans to take advantage of thermals.

Name Description


The largest bird on Khoras.


Giant variety of bat.
Drake One of a species of small winged reptiles.
Drakonar A four-winged relative of the dragon.
Drognot A foul tempered beast that appears as a great winged bull.
Firedrake A weaker, but more common, relative of the dragon.
Iron Eater A strange mineral beast able to control magnetic fields.
Kumalar A lean winged feline predator.
Rock Wasp A species of insect able to petrify with a sting.

Thunder Beast

Large woolly herd beast that dwells high in the mountains.


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