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Crystal Ooze

Other Names Vellok's Bane
Climate/Terrain Subterranean
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

Crystal ooze appears as a large mass of translucent gel with a watery silver color which looks like liquid crystal. It is warm and shows up brightly on thermal vision. It is very thick and moves with a rolling squishy sound. The ooze occasionally develops pseudopods to attack or manipulate objects. Crystal ooze is able to shape itself to some degree.


Crystal ooze is virtually unstoppable. Weapons are virtually useless doing only a small bit of damage with each successful hit. Energy in any form, including spell energy, directed at crystal ooze is absorbed and consumed. The ooze can create up to four pseudopods simultaneously with which it can grab items or attack creatures. A successful hit indicates that the creature has been partially or wholly enveloped and will suffer damage continuously until completely converted into energy or until physical contact is broken. As the creature takes damage, it is drawn within the ooze.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The extremely rare crystal ooze is a much feared presence. This "substance" was originally created by the Arch-mage Vellok before his abandonment of this first stronghold. Many believe that this creature was the very reason why that stronghold was so hastily abandoned. Since its initial creation, the crystal ooze has been reported in other areas of the world. It is not known whether the original ooze simply moved or if the entity has managed to reproduce by fission. All encounters with crystal ooze have been underground or in buildings with connections to the underworld.


Crystal ooze feeds on energy and is able to convert matter into energy when in physical contact. It is able to sustain itself by converting soft organic material to energy and consuming this energy. It seems that the ooze cannot stand sunlight. (Specifically, the light from Drellis, the blue dwarf). It also retreats from a Drellisian crystal. Sages believe that Drellisian radiation cause the creature pain or some sort of molecular breakdown.


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