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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Subterranean
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

This monstrosity looks like a huge bipedal crab. The dythillin stands 3 meters tall when erect, but usually has a hunched over lurching walk. It weighs in at about a ton because of its heavy armor plating and dense muscle tissue. It is generally structured as a humanoid, but has many differences. The entire creature is covered with a thick chitinous shell which is pale red. The squat body sits atop two short, powerful legs. The knees of the creature bend backward like a canine. The creatures leg structure and massive bulk give it a lumbering gait. It is not very nimble or fast and has difficulty turning and moving in confined spaces. However, this is not a serious disadvantage due to the beast’s great strength. It usually walks through walls and would rather disassemble a building than enter one. Small eyestalks protrude from the sides of the head providing excellent peripheral vision. Its arms end in huge pincers which seem oversized when compared with the rest of the arm. Its arms flank the body always holding the massive pincers up ready for to strike. The dythillin’s natural odor is extremely offensive and noticeable at a distance depending on air currents.



Dythillins are fierce opponents in battle. They wade into combat with no tactics and attempt to tear their opponents apart. The pincers of a dythillin can easily snap a man in half and dythillins have been known to pick wagons up and shake them to pieces. Their roar has been known to shatter fragile items nearby. Their armor is very difficult to penetrate. Small weapons and edged weapons are virtually useless against a dythillin. Only large, heavy weapons that do impact and impaling weapons have any noticeable effects. Dythillin have excellent thermal vision and peripheral vision.

Geographic Distribution and Habitat

The dreaded dythillins are ferocious monsters of the underground. It is not known whether the dythillin evolved naturally, as a result of drellisian radiation or were created by the sarthak. However, the sarthak breed dythillin regularly and use them as machines of destruction, guards and warriors in arena combat.


The dythillin is alien in appearance and its mental makeup. In their natural environment, dythillin are solitary predators that wander the underground. Those who are owned and used by the sarthak usually are mentally dominated and passive except when ordered to fight. Sarthak owned dythillin sometimes are enchanted with magical defenses and other spells. In either case, the dythillin is an omnivore, consuming meat, plants, carrion, anything it can find. It has a ravenous appetite.


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