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This includes all creatures which dwell primarily underground - from small caves on the surface down to the deepest crevasse of the Underworld. Many of evolved into forms that lack eyes or pigmentation. Such things are not needed in the infinite blackness of the Underworld. Most have developed a heightened sense of touch to detect the slightest vibrations in their stony environment. 

Name Climate/Terrain Description


Subterranean A giant variety of spider.

Blood Roach

Varies An aggressive carnivorous species of cockroach.

Cave Spider

Subterranean The most common subterranean arachnid.
Creeping Cave Web Subterranean A dangerous lurker of the underdark.

Crystal Ooze

Subterranean A wizard's biological experiment gone horribly wrong.


Subterranean One ton bipedal humanoid crab.

Flesh Fungus

Any A parasitic predator with an odd side effect.


Subterranean A large cave fish with a poisonous sting.


Subterranean Subterranean reptile with a petrification breath weapon.


Subterranean A monster from the deepest regions of the Underworld.


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